Make the most out of this summer

Summer is for the most people favorite time of the year due to warm weather and free time we have, whether you are going to school or work. Even though we like summer, often we don’t get as much as we could out of it. So instead of wasting this summer and sleeping through here are some tips for you to make this summer pop.

1. Take care of yourself

Now is the time to fully recover your body and soul from busy months and amount of stress that you had. Consider trying yoga and meditation which are going to benefit you a long time from now. I’ve been personally practicing meditation for a year now, and I see tremendous results. Not only that it calms you down at the moment, but it also makes you more grounded in general.

Also, take care of your skin and body. With eating healthy, you should take care of your body from the outside too. Invest some time in long showers and baths as well as taking care of your skin, hair, and nails.

2. Enjoy the early hours

I know your ultimate goal is to sleep as much as you can after spending a whole night on Netflix watching your favorite TV show. I’ve been there, it’s hard to resist, but then you end up waking up at 2.p.m. feeling tired and exhausted.

Instead, try to go to bed earlier and then set the alarm so you could watch the sunset or enjoy the silence while everyone is sleeping. There is nothing better than early summer mornings with a fresh breeze and sounds of nature, especially when you now that nobody is awake so you can have few hours just for yourself.

3.Connect with friends

Summer is ideal for getting in touch with people you haven’t seen in a while as well as building even better relationships you already have. If you’ve been thinking about someone, give them a call and plan to meet with them. Don’t wait for them to call you if you want something you have to go and get it.

Send a few texts and spend some quality time with people,  you can make the memories that will last for years.

4. Get in shape

This is an obvious one, but it’s a perfect time to start working out and eating healthy. Take some time to find out which healthy food you really enjoy and make a meal plan including those recipes. Also, find the workout that you love. Working out isn’t all about gym membership. You can go biking, dancing, hiking, swimming and so on.

For me, early morning runs are perfect because I can experience early hours, nature and start my day the right way. Becoming stronger and healthier version of yourself can be quite enjoyable and addicting if you discover what you like.

5.Discover a hobby

With plenty of free time on hand, summer is ideal for picking out a hobby. Whether you have one or you, have to find something you are interested in, give it a shot. Search for some online courses or become a member of your local team, class, etc.

Nowadays, we have the unlimited amount of free choices to choose from. It can be fun if you sign up or try something you didn’t think you are very talented for, but who knows maybe you discover your hidden talents.

6.Learn something new

I know you are studying or working all year long and this is the time for you to relax. That is true, but learning isn’t all about remembering pointless information.

Maybe is it that you want to master wing eyeliner or learn how to draw and take great photos or you would like to learn a new language and read the book you’ve wanted to read for months now. Whatever it is, it can be entertaining and enjoyable.


Those are my strategies for having the best summer. I would like you to share some of your tips and goals you set for yourself this summer.