Prices in Thailand

Thailand is a fascinating country with beautiful nature and stunning culture. As I was planning my trip to Thailand a few months ago, I wanted to research prices in Thailand, but somehow I couldn’t find the information. So, therefore, I decided to give you an overlook of the costs in Thailand, as I think it would be beneficial if you are planning to visit that fantastic country.

First of all, it’s important to say that Thailand is very cheap.  Not only that you could find excellent accommodation at a reasonable price, but you can also enjoy Thai food and shopping. Keep in mind that haggling is extremely important. If you don’t haggle, you’ll pay twice as much.

1. Food & Drinks

Describing Thai food is hard. For some, it is the best food they have ever tried, and for others, it’s not their cup of tea. I like their food, especially fish dishes and pancakes but for the rest of it, I couldn’t say that it’s amazing. But that is just my personal opinion.

Prices of food are insanely low, both in restaurants and on the street. For example, you can find grilled fish for 150 THB/4.4$ as well as a big portion of chicken for 100 THB/3$. As for the drinks, Coca-Cola in the market is around 12 THB/0.35$, and their Chang beer (0.63 l) is approximately 50 THB/1.5$.


Shopping in Thailand is just OMG! So good! They have so many good quality, beautiful clothes for good prices. Most of the pieces are boho style with various patterns like elephants or flowers. But you can also find modern, chic style.

Prices go from 50 THB/1.5$ up to 500 THB/14.7$ per piece if you are buying it on streets or in local markets. You can find oriental pants with elephants for 150 THB/4.4$, jeans for 300 THB/8.8$ and dresses between 100 THB/3$ and 300 THB/8.8$. They have a great selection of shoes, too. All kinds of sandals are around 250 THB/7.3$.

3. Trips & Excursions 

Thailand is a perfect place to experience wild nature, animal life and adrenalin rush. If you are arranging the trip with local people, you could get it for around 1000 THB/30$. For the all-day trip in a jungle, that includes elephant tracking, zip lining, 5km white water rafting, monkey caves, and ATV, we paid 1200 THB/35$. Excursion to famous Phi Phi islands you should also pay somewhere around 1200 THB/35$.

4. Services

When you are traveling around Thailand, you need to pay for some services like a taxi. Price range for taxi differs from place to place. Taxis are inexpensive in Bangkok, where you can drive around the town for 100 THB/3$. On the other hand, you are going to pay much more in Phuket. For around 3 km you’ll have to pay 300 THB/8.8$.

Massages are great and cheap both in Bangkok and in Phuket. For the 45 min massage, you should pay around 150 THB/4.4$.


All in all, Thailand is a great place for traveling on a budget.