Must see in Tuscany

Italy is one of my favorite countries in Europe. Small villages, great food, wonderful landscapes, and kind people are mostly the reason why I prefer Italy.

Tuscany is one of the most amazing parts of Italy. It’s unique cause it has all in one. In only a few days, you can experience both relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Cinque Terre as well as exploring an old town in the center of Italy.

The problem is to pick what you want to visit since there are so many beautiful places and usually not that much time. You should visit bigger towns like Florence and Siena. Even though these towns are beautiful, the most fascinating to me were those three places. Places in which you can experience magical Italian vibes and breathtaking nature.

1. Cinque Terre 

Even though this place is not in Tuscany, it is close enough to take a day trip. Five villages of Cinque Terre are definitely worth visiting. Clear sea and colorful houses are a perfect match. The best thing about it is that you have various options of moving around Cinque Terre. You can go by car, train or you can walk and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. Not many people recommend going by car cause the roads are dangerous. A train is a good option, and you can buy a daily ticket so you could visit all five villages. I prefer walking since you can experience much more and save some money too.

I really enjoyed jumping from cliffs into the sea as not many places have some cliffs to jump off. The best part is that you don’t have to go far away to find cliffs, they are on the main beaches of Cinque Terre. The only thing that you have to consider is that beaches are small.

2. Pisa

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I know, it’s so basic. But everybody loves it cause it’s really special. Although it looks like a “town” that was produced by Disney a few years ago, it’s actually hundreds of years old. Can we just for a second talk about the leaning tower? The fun thing is that it looks like it’s going to fall down. All building are well preserved and all in all, it looks great.

3. San Gimignano

The Beautiful town of San Gimignano is worth every minute of your vacation. Not only that the town itself is amazing, but the landscape around San Gimignano is also wonderful. The best time to take pictures and look at the town is while driving to the city. Then you can see all of the towers in the city as well as flower fields and vineyards that surround it. When you enter the town, you can visit all of the small shops with handmade products. You can eat delicious Italian food too. My favorite part, except nature, are all the legends and stories of the town. It is the place in which you can truly experience old vibes and all the best of Italy.

What you love the most about Tuscany?