Bangkok in three days

Traveling to Thailand wouldn’t be complete without staying a few days in Bangkok. Although you may think that spending your days in Bangkok is a waste of time since you can spend that time in a tropical paradise, Bangkok is definitely worth seeing. As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is full of temples, history, nightlife and amazing day trips.

The main reason to visit Bangkok is to experience chaos in which people live in. You can see food being prepared on the street and experience cars driving extremely close to you. It uniquely is all magical. Definitely, the experience you can’t have in other parts of the world. Here are the things and places that are must while being in Bangkok.


My favorite place in Thailand is Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya was the second capital of the Siamese Kingdom from 1350. It was the main city of Kingdom until it was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. Therefore, it is a huge city with lots of temples and Buddha statues. Unlike the Bangkok, Ayutthaya is in the middle of nature.

The best thing about Ayutthaya is that temples are ancient and well preserved. It’s unlike anything you can see in Europe. Even better is that you can feel the city by walking through the temples and even climbing on them. You can explore while being in the middle of nature, surrounded by lakes, rivers, trees, and animals. It’s very peaceful with that old vibes which make you feel like you’ve got back hundreds of years ago. Especially as you can see young Buddhist students walking around and playing. Don’t be ashamed to take a selfie with them as they’ll enjoy it as much as you will.

So the main question is how to get there. The answer is to go with an agency. Although it’s possible to go on your own, I wouldn’t recommend it. The main reason is extreme temperature; it was over 40°C. The second reason is that you can’t see it all by bike, which is the only thing you can rant, as it’s all far away from each other. But if you choose an agency, make sure that you go to some local agency on the street. Don’t buy trips to hotels! As they will charge you much more. Be aware that you’ll have to haggle. Otherwise, you are going to pay 50% – 70% more.

When the agency come to pick you up, don’t be surprised to see a bus that you don’t even know how it can come from A to B. Maybe it won’t be enough chairs or the chairs will be broken. But it’s all part of the experience. Also, don’t expect a lot from lunch cause it maybe is in some house without many tables and places to sit.

All in all, Ayutthaya is definitely worth seeing. Personally, it is one of my favorite trips.

Khao San Road

You may hear about this one. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Bangkok nightlife. This street is perfect for shopping and getting a nice massage, and much more if that is your thing.

It’s also the place where you can see it bugs. Which I both do and don’t recommend. It’s great as something you have never done, but it is also an awful experience.

Don’t be surprised if people are grabbing you for the hand cause they want you to go to some club or they are yelling at you all sorts of things.

I like this road cause you can see the true Bangkok. It’s something like Bangla Road in Phuket.

Temples of Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its temples and statues. There are a few temples that you should visit. For example What Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Benja. My favorite is the Grand Palace due to its architecture, colorful decors, and beautiful views.

The best way to get to temples is by taxi or Tuc Tuc. I recommend Tuc Tuc as it is fun and windy. Although, you should be aware of scams. If they say that they have to go around cause it’s some kind of holiday and people are washing the streets, don’t buy it. Also if the man comes to you and says that today is free gas. His special friend is going to drive you around the city for only 50 THB, don’t believe it either. Probably there are going to be this „random“ people on the streets that want to help you, but actually, they just want you to go to some shop or something like that.

When going to temples, make sure to wear something long without showing shoulders as well. And bring lots of water cause is hot.

Local markets

As we all know, Thailand is a paradise for shopping. The best places for that are local markets in which you can buy clothing pieces and accessories for really small prices. We were lucky that our hotel was next to the one of the best Bangkok local market, Bobae market. Here is again extremely important to haggle.

Siam Park

If you are looking for the place to shop for more Europian clothing or you just want amazing food, this is the place for you. From all the places, I have visited in Thailand; this is the one with the best food. Every night there is live music and dancers as well.


So if you have three days in Bangkok, I would recommend splitting this into equal sections. The first day is the best to visit temples during the day as well as find a local agency for your trip to Ayutthaya (they are on every corner). At night the same day, you should go to SiamPark for nice dinner, shopping and a little bit of music. Next day is the best for Ayutthaya. Your last day is great for shopping in local markets and spending the evening in Khao San road. If you have more than three days, then you have more time to relax or take a trip to floating markets.


What is your favorite part of Bangkok?