How to have the best school year ever

We are in the season of back to school. Some have already started, and some are preparing to do so. After a long and refreshing summer, we are facing this harsh reality. I hope that you took advantage of this summer to nourish your soul, mind, and body.

Even though going back to school can sound terrifying, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can see it as a new opportunity to be the best that you can be. Change is a good thing, and it definitely comes with going back to school. Not only with studying but also with changing your daily routines and making new friendships. You can make this transition fun and enjoyable if you plan your day the way you love.

This school year you should really consider your happiness a priority, and you are only going to do that if you set goals and plan your days with balance. Going back to school doesn’t mean that your life should stop. It means that you should become more disciplined and organized to do both what you should and what you want. These tips are helping me every year to have great results and have a happy and balanced life, at the same time. Here are the five things you should do to have the best school year ever.

1)Make goals

This one is huge. You can’t accomplish anything in life if you don’t know what you want. You know that you want to have a better school year, but you don’t know what that exactly means.

So take an hour, pick some pieces of paper and think about what you want to accomplish. We all have different goals in life. Think about your grades, do you want to get better in some subjects? Do you want to make new friendships or have less stress? Not only that you should think about goals for this year, but you should also establish goals for the future. What life do you want to live and in which college you want to go to? Even if you don’t know in which college you want to go, you still know what kind of lifestyle you want to have. So while you set goals for this school year think about your future.

This is really the time to invest in ourselves and have the best results possible. Think about your future self. Would you be happy with what you are doing now, would you thank yourself or you would regret your decisions.

2) Start planning

Now when you know what your goals are, you should plan some actions. You won’t get things you want if you don’t do anything about it. Success is really in what we do daily. Pick a planner or a notebook and plan your days. If you know that you want to have better grades, then plan a few hours for homework or studying. If you know that you have a massive test at the end of the school year, calculate how many pages you have to learn every day so you would be prepared. This way you won’t be overwhelmed. You’ll have less stress cause you are going to do it step by step. It’s much easier to study every day for an hour then three days for twelve hours.

This is also the way to separate your work time from the free time. Usually, when we don’t have a plan, we tend to pretend that we are studying with just looking at books. On end, we didn’t do what we had to, and we also didn’t rest. When this becomes our habit, we become unhappy.

So take your planner and separate your free time from your work time. Make sure that when you work you do your best so when the free time comes you can be relaxed and do the things you want. Self-discipline is the key. When you have something to do, don’t overthink, start doing it.

3) Make a study space

Having a study space helps to switch your brain to a work mode. When you have a routine that you always do before studying, then it’s much easier to get in the right mindset. For me, it is making myself a coffee and sitting at my desk. It also helps cause you can again separate your work from your rest time. This is why studying in bed isn’t very efficient. Your brain considers the bed as a place for sleeping not studying. Also, you feel more organized and productive when you have a study place. I make sure to fill mine with things that motivate me and remind me of my future goals.

4) Believe in yourself

You can do all of this above, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t get the result you deserve. I struggled with this in my freshmen year of high school. Believing in yourself is crucial in every part of your life. You can have huge knowledge and skills but still, think that you are going to fail. And you will.

The right mindset is the key to success and happiness.

Next time when you are going to prepare for a test, think about it as you already got an A. You would get surprised how thinking about all of the things that could go right instead of thinking about those which could go wrong can change your life. If you have a subject that you think you are bad at, think of it as a challenge, not an obstacle. This tip helped me get from F to A.

5) Take time for yourself

In the end, it’s essential to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup, right? To do your best, you have to have energy and be emotionally stable. You should take time every day to work on your health.

Life isn’t only about doing what we should; it’s about doing what makes our soul happy. You know what makes you happy and excited. Do it every day cause it will give you motivation and energy to do other things. I make sure to spend time in nature and with my friends and family as well as read fiction and pamper myself, cause those are the things that truly makes me happy.


I hope that these tips will help you too. And that you’ll have the best year ever. Keep in mind to do your best and find a balance so not only that you are going to be successful, but you are also going to be content.