How To Have An Ideal Cozy Fall Day

Finally, fall is here! It is my favorite season. There is nothing better than warm blankets, the smell of fire and hot chocolate, rainy days and good books.

Since I love autumn so much, I want to enjoy it as much as possible. Many people don’t like this time of year due to rain, going back to school and work. But if you make it so, fall can be truly magical. The main reason for my obsession with fall is the vibe that comes with it. That mystery and warmth. My all-time favorite thing is to go home to a warm house, set the cozy vibes and enjoy storm with a good book. I like to have this fall routine on Sundays when I know that I have an entire day for myself. This way you can reset and prepare yourself for a fantastic week ahead of you. Here are a few things that you could appropriate into your fall day so you would fill the same magical vibe as I do. 

1) Comfy cozy clothes

It is the time to pick out your favorite fuzzy socks and warm knitted jumper. And don’t forget to use your softest blanket!

2) Favorite candle

Oh, those autumn sents! Sents that bring you back to your childhood when your grandma used to make you cookies. That fantastic feeling of having your whole house smelling like vanilla or apples.

3) Favorite warm drink

Make yourself your favorite drink whether that is a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Enjoy the smell of it, the warmth of the cup and suiting cozy feeling that comes with drinking it. 

4) A good book

Now when you feel comfy and cozy, your place smells amazing and you have a cup of hot chocolate in your hand, it’s time to pick a good autumn book. Something that includes mystery or magic is my favorite. Take your time and get lost in a world of wonders. My recommendation for a good fall book is definitely a Harry Potter.

5) Enjoy nature

If the day is beautiful and sunny, you can use it to take a walk in nature. If you are lucky enough to live near a forest or a lake, spend some time there. Feel the cold breeze and enjoy the moment and beauty you are witnessing. Try to observe nature around you thoroughly.  My favorite weather is the stormy weather. It is fascinating how nature can be overpowering so you can feel it in the air.

6) Good music

There is no complete vibe setting without some good music. My choices for these days are Novo Amor and Il Divo. 

7) Redecorate

Since you have some time, plan to redecorate your bedroom or apartment. Get some cozy vibes in there, too. Change your bedding and put some twinkly lights. Small changes bring to the big picture in the end.


I hope that this was inspirational and that you’ll have your ideal fall day soon. Set a new goal this fall. A goal to acknowledge and appreciate all of your blessings as much as you can.