Is Bali a tropical paradise?

Lately, Bali can be seen everywhere. Where ever you go, it seems as someone just returned or is going to Bali, especially on social media. And indeed the pictures are breathtaking. Stunning nature, temples, and tropical beaches. But is everything as it seems on pictures?


I visited Bali in a period of July and August. I’ve spent two and a half weeks there while visiting as much as I could. I spent my time in four towns: Ubud, Amed, Seminyak, and Kuta. The whole trip was amazing, even though not in a way that I have aspected.


Since I had been in Thailand a year ago, I’ve expected beautiful tropical beaches. You know the whole drill of sand, cocktails and palm trees. Well, let’s just say that Bali isn’t a place for that. Beaches are not even close to Thailand’s ones. Amed has some decent beaches though.


On the other hand, I came to Ubud thinking that it’s a nice place to see but that I shouldn’t waste to much time there. It looks like I was completely wrong! Ubud is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Untouched nature, stunning temples, and vibes of the site can’t be put into words. My absolute favorite are the giant waterfalls. Make sure that you try and come as close as possible to the actual waterfall cause that is the only way you’ll feel its power and full beauty. The energy around it is so powerful that you have to experience it.


I’m not a massive fan of Seminyak and Kuta since those are crowded towns without natural beauties, night markets, and street food. They are a great starting point for going to Nusa Penida, though. I highly recommend you to visit nearby islands since those are the places where you’ll find dreamy beaches. Unfortunately, we’ve been on Bali during earthquake strikes; consequently, there was no possibility to visit islands. Those towns are also great for adrenalin sports which you will find for a great price. A trip that included transfer, lunch, parasailing, boat and turtle island was 25$.


Amed is a quiet place with prettier beaches made for pure relaxation. You won’t find nightlife and festivals here since it is oriented towards yoga and diving. We’ve been there during the last few days of our trip which turned out to be a great decision.


The one thing that I have definitely expected was friendly locals and a total zen atmosphere. It turned out that tourism has affected those people in a not very positive way. I have experienced more scams than anywhere else (more about this topic will be soon on my blog). There are many lovely people in Bali, but this is something to be aware of.


All in all, Bali is a beautiful place filled with magical temples, breathtaking nature, and fantastic climate. I will definitely recommend you to visit the center of Bali. From my own experience, you won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚