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My Greece Adventure

Hello, guys, I hope you’ve been doing great! It was a long time no see. I guess life just became busy and some other obligations emerged as a priority. However, I’m so happy to be back to creating more content for you. There is going to be so many new project and content on many different platforms so make sure that you follow me on Instagram to get notifications about them.
That said, I think that the best way to kick start posting again is by talking a little bit more about my recent trip to Greece.
I got the opportunity to celebrate finishing my first year of college by going to Greece. I have never been before so I decided to visit as much as I could in a week. Not to make this any longer, here is how my trip looked like and what was my experience like.
Make yourself cozy and let’s begin the journey.

We started our trip on a Friday night in Zagreb. Our final destination was Perdika but we had many more hours till reaching it. First, we flew from Zagreb to Vienna and then from Vienna to Athens. Upon our arrival at Athens airport, we rented a car and drove the whole night. We came to Perdika around 7am. where we were welcomed by our lovely host Thomas. He helped us find our accommodation and what we saw when we arrived was crazy.
Let’s just say that all the traveling up to that point which was almost 24h was absolutely worth the view we got! We were in the villa on the top of the hill which overlooked the whole bay and crystal clear water. To make it even better we had an infinity pool which helped you enjoy the view to its fullest. We spent the first day catching on some sleep and simply soaking up the incredible place we were in.
In the next few days, we visited the center of Perdika and tried some local dishes. Centar of Perdika is pretty small but you can find everything that you may need there. It is filled with markets and restaurants. The only downside are flies which were everywhere! We also went to Parga which is a bigger tourist city nearby. Parga is a pretty little town with much more people then Perdika and numerous shops and boutiques. I have to say, one thing that surprised me in Parga were prices. I expected Greece to be a relatively cheap country, however, I wasn’t quite right. They had excellent and affordable gyros for a few euros, though.

One of the best parts of Perdika are beautiful beaches made for us who run from crowds as much as we can. We were that fortunate that we had access to several different beaches only a few minutes from our villa. There is a beach for everyone’s taste, from sand to stone.
Stunning sunsets are the highlight of a trip for me!

When it comes to the practical tips. One of the most important parts is having a car. If you want to have a real Perdika experience than you should be in an accommodation that is in the heart of nature on the top of the hill. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of public transportation from those parts of Perdika so the most convenient way is to rent a car. Upon our arrival, I realized how fortunate we were to have a car and that my gut feeling that we should rent a car was strong for a good reason!

After five days the end of our short but sweet stay at Perdika has come. That part of Greece is very enjoyable and our accommodation was a special part of the trip. I feel like I relaxed more in those five days than I usually do in a few weeks. Not to mention the loving hots which made us feel like we are at home. If you are a nature and relaxation lover then I can’t recommend it enough!
However, this was not the end of our trip. We packed our things and drove back to Athens for two more days of Greece adventures. On our way back we visited Meteora for a couple of hours. This was again one of the highlights of our trip. After driving for hours we were exhausted so we only observed the monasteries from the outside. However, you could spend days in this majestic place and I hope I will get a chance to explore more of it in the future.

After a couple of hours, we continued our trip. This time the destination was Athens. I was very excited to visit the huge capital and experience Greece even more. The story didn’t unfold that way, though.
Long story short, we were advised not to walk alone on the streets and to be very careful of the robbers since we were in a dangerous part of Athens (even though we were 500m from Plaka). That information shooked us a little bit since we traveled to a lot of countries and never got so many warnings. Luckily, we didn’t have any problems even though we were walking around in the middle of the night.
The appearance of the city is a different story. I got shocked by how dirty it is. I’ve been to Bangkok so dirty streets are not unfamiliar to me. This was different, though.
The worst part was the behavior of stuff in Athens. I haven’t seen such disrespect for a long time. From telling us that we cant sit at the table for three people because we are two, although the cafe is empty to being unbelievable rude at the acropolis.
In order to enter acropolis, you first need to buy tickets on the entrance. As always you wait in a line for an hour which is totally normal for such attractions. Finally, we got the spot where it says that europian students have 50% off and the people with invalidity have a free pass. Therefore, I prepared my student ID and my mom prepared her invalid card. However, when we gave our documents to the women working there she threw my student ID back at me and called me a liar. She literary threw it at me!! She told me that I’m certainly underage and that I don’t go to college. On which I responded that here is my student identification and even showed her my grades. When it comes to my mother, she said that she needs a paper from a doctor regarding the cause of invalidity and the percantage of it. In the end, women decided to let me pass as a student although she still thought that I’m, not one. Needless to say, I was shocked and furious.
After many stairs, we finally got to the top and I have to say it is absolutely beautiful!
However, people are again really rude. They are constantly shouting and whistling to anyone who unintentionally touches something or stops to take a break.

My overall experience in Athens is not that good. I think that it is a shame for a city with such history to leave the impression of a dirty and unpleasant city.
However, my overall trip to Greece was amazing! I had an incredible time in Perdika and can’t wait to return for more 🙂


  • Mike

    I am so looking forward to the day I can travel to Greece. One of my hobbies is studying history. This is a terrific post sans the rude people you encountered. Have a great week! 🤗

    • larafiolic

      That sounds so fun! I love history. I hope you are enjoying your studies 🙂
      Greece is beautiful, I hope that day will come very soon!